Collaborative management
trade data

is the key
to your business’s

Our digital collaborative platforms
to improve efficiency, consistency (brand control), and productivity.

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Our focus on innovation helps us anticipate and conquer your sales and marketing challenges through new solutions.Because we know commercial agility for retailers is a key success factor, we have chosen to invest in workflow tools and technology solutions dedicated to the world of retail commerce and distribution.
Our technology team implement platforms that promote and enhance collaborative workflow – core to the success of brands and retailers.

Access by your teams and partners to specialized tools and solutions for marketing and sales provides you with new ways to optimize, efficiently and accurately produce, and effectively deliver successfully on your marketing and sales plans.This focus on innovation helps us anticipate and conquer the multitude of sales and marketing challenges for all our clients. We can tailor and configure our solutions to meet your needs.


The CA Solutions Ecosystem
A powerful, unifying, and user-friendly suite of configurable and scalable solutions to orchestrate the management challenges of marketing, sales and commercial data and digital assets for omni-channel distribution.

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Facts and figures
Over the past 8 years, we have successfully deployed our digital toolset with many of the world’s largest and leading retailers. Our “expert business solutions” have been adopted and integrated into their marketing and IT departments, and is a testament to our long standing relationships with these major brands.

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Florian Payri
Florian Payri
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Cédric Eymard-Vernein
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Thomas Catty
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